Atlas Arch Support

We named our product in honor of the Greek Titan, Atlas, who was condemned to hold up the heavens and earth for eternity. In that same respect, we have attempted and succeeded in creating an arch support that will help support your feet.

By supporting your feet you're creating a foundation for the rest of your body to function at its optimal level. When you can function without pain in your feet then you are truly living life to its fullest!

Future of Arch Support

Atlas Arch Support was created created to provide maximum arch support without the cost of a custom orthotic. Our unique design alows for the perfect balance of comfort and support. Other insoles in the market either too rigid and comfortable or too soft to providing not support. Our goal is to provide everyone proper foot support to not only relieve pain but also to stop the root cause that could lead to pain the foot, knee, hip and back.

Max Comfort Vs Sport


Currently we offer two versions of Atlas Arch Support, the Max Comfort and Sport arch version with a 5mm in arch height difference. 
If you are not sure on which one is best for you, we recommend starting with the regular version as majority will find them to give great arch support.  Then after a few months, you can switch to the high arch version for even more comfort and support. 

We provide highly comfortable arch support for your foot

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