About us
Who are we?

As podiatrists we treat a wide variety of foot and ankle conditions caused by improper support of the foot. We were constantly seeing the same problems repeatedly: patients using no inserts or the wrong ones. The most common complaint patients had of the orthotics in the current market were that they were too hard and/or too expensive.

Atlas Arch Support was created for this exact purpose - to allow people to get great arch support with a comfortable feel without the cost of a custom molded orthotic. We decided to create a unique insole that would help everyone with foot, knee, hip and back pain. By creating a comfortable supportive orthotic insole, we can make more people happy and pain-free!

Our Advantages

Years of Experience

We have over 20 years of trusted experience treating foot and ankle conditions!


We apply biomechanical principles to the structure and function of the human body

Money Back Guarantee!

We are offer a 90 day return policy if you find the product faulty or did not find effective results. We are confident in our product, and we want you to be as well! 

Why choose us?

We named our product in honor of the Greek Titan, Atlas, who was condemned to hold up the heavens and earth for eternity.
In that same respect, we have attempted and succeeded in creating an arch support that will help support your feet. By supporting your feet you're creating a foundation for the rest of your body to function at its optimal level. When you can function without pain in your feet then you are truly living life to its fullest!
We focus on helping people by providing the best solutions in foot care. With the aid of those who specialize in foot and ankle conditions, we have created a product that we believe is a cut above the rest.

  • We provide comfortable insoles that can benefit a majority of customers
  • Our arch supports help with treating plantar fasciitis and pronated foot structures among other conditions related to the lower extremity
  • Can be used to keep feet at its most neutral/functional position during weight bearing to avoid future problems
  • It comes with shock absorbing heel cushioning for a comfortable experience
  • Semi rigid arch material redistributes weight evenly throughout the foot
  • Easy to transfer from shoe to shoe

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